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Frequently Asked Questions


We use specialty and premium grade coffee beans. These beans are ethically sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers. Furthermore, we roast on demand and grind to order so you get to enjoy your fresh coffee at its peak flavour.

Currently, we are roasting on Sunday.


For Coffee Subscription orders, we roast your coffee only after we receive your order and payment. Then, we will ship out your coffee within 48 hours from roasting. As such, each roast is super fresh and can be scheduled to suit your coffee routine.


For regular orders, the roast date on your coffee will be up to 14 days prior to your order. If you are purchasing grounds, rest assure that we grind only after we receive your order. As such, your coffee is well-rested and at its peak flavour for your enjoyment once it reaches you. We try our best to deliver your coffee as close to the recent roast date as possible. However, for coffee beans, if you received a super fresh roast, we strongly recommend that you allow about 5 days degassing time from the date of roasting, so that your coffee beans can reach the optimum state for your enjoyment. Degassing is not necessary for Coffee Grounds and Coffee Bags.

Firstly, we source for only specialty and premium grade coffee beans. That means you will be drinking high-quality and healthier coffee compared to instant coffees and off-the-shelf coffees normally found in supermarkets.


Secondly, we roast according to two categories: Filter roast and Espresso roast. Filter roast coffees are thoughtfully roasted for filter coffee connoisseurs – perfect for hand brew! We usually roast these beans lighter to amplify the delicate and unique flavours of each coffee.


On the other hand, espresso roast coffees are specially crafted for espresso devotees who usually brew with espresso machines or prefer milk-based coffees. We tend to roast the beans a bit darker to highlight the chocolatey, nutty and roasty flavours. At the same time, these espresso roasts are also delicious for hand-brewing at lower brewing  temperature.


Above all, we roast on demand. And for grounds, we grind only after we receive your order. Thus, we guarantee freshness with no artificial flavourings or additives in your coffee.

We offer the following coffee preparations:


  1. Whole Bean,
  2. Coffee Grounds*
  3. Coffee Bags

*For Coffee Grounds, the grind sizes are tuned according to the featured recipes on our Coffee Recipes page. If you are using other coffee recipes that are different from our featured recipes, we strongly recommend that you purchase whole bean to grind with your home grinder.


We do not offer custom grinding service, as the type of brewing gears and brewing styles is non-exhaustive. As such, if you do not have a grinder at home currently, you can check out our grinder selections. Or if you have any questions about grinding our coffee, just drop us an email at [email protected].

We are registered in Singapore under the Business Registration Number 202106072C.


You can find our webshops at the following spaces:


  1. Our Website @,
  2. Our Shopee store (Bean Rock Coffee Official Store) @

Follow us at our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel to discover and share inspiring coffee ideas! You can also reach us conveniently at our email [email protected], or talk to us through our live chat on this website.  Our friendly team at Bean Rock Coffee will strive to get back with you as fast as we can. 

We fully understand the difficulties of choosing the right coffee, because we have walked the same path as you to reach here!


For connoisseurs of filter or hand brew coffee, try our filter roast series. These coffees taste sweet and honey-like with more acidity. Just imagine snorkelling in clear blue waters, sniffing flowers and munching juicy fruits on a white sand beach.


For owners of espresso machine/ lovers of espresso, long black, lattes, cappuccinos and milk-based coffee, you can pick a coffee from our espresso roast series. These coffees taste chocolatey and nutty, less acidic with heavier body, and cut through milk to give you that ‘OOMPH’ feeling.


Feeling adventurous? Or just want to try something exotic/ new/ different? Lookout for our seasonal coffees!


Still not sure? No worries, click on the live chat button and we’ll be happy to share anything you’ll like to know about choosing the right coffee.

We understand that decaf is really helpful when it comes to the evening, especially when you are craving for the coffee flavours, but also hoping not to sacrifice your sleep. Unfortunately, we do not offer decaf option at this moment. But we promise to hunt down the decaf coffee that is good enough for your enjoyment, as best as we can.

Storing and Brewing

We are strong advocates of safe, minimal, fuss-free and affordable brewing.


Thus, we highly recommend you to try the Hario V60 or Hario SWTICH for filter brew, as these are the simplest, time-saving and affordable gears that give you really consistent and great taste of world-class brew.


For espresso, if you do not have a coffee machine, we would recommend you to try the AeroPress or traditional Brikka pot. The AeroPress is a portable and durable gear for your home and outdoor coffee experience. It’s an amazing coffee companion! On the other hand, the Brikka requires a gas or electric stove to brew an espresso with delicious crema.


Check out our Coffee Recipes to see how you can play with different kinds of brewing. Enjoy and have fun!

We understand that sometimes you just want a simple and delicious reference or take a break from experimenting by yourself.


That’s why we have sourced, adapted and experimented with numerous coffee recipes, to ensure they brew the best coffee with our coffee beans. Here’s sharing with you our featured coffee recipes:


Filter Coffee Recipes


Espresso Recipes

Degassing is the release of gases (mainly carbon dioxide) from freshly roasted coffee beans, and only necessary for freshly roasted coffee beans.


Degassing is not necessary for Coffee Grounds and Coffee Bags, as most of the carbon dioxide are released during grinding.


Brewing and drinking “too fresh” may not be a good thing when it comes to freshly roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans that are 1 or 2 days old from roasting are just not stable enough for brewing, because the gases and bubbles will hinder coffee reaction with water. It is best to give your freshly roasted coffee beans sufficient resting time to degas, so that your brew tastes bright and flavourful.


In other words, degassing sufficiently (not overly) will allow your coffee flavours to peak and give you an easier, optimal extraction.


However, don’t be stressed out by degassing! if you are in need of a cup of coffee and can’t wait for the beans to degas, it is perfectly fine to brew ahead. You can still enjoy your fresh coffee as it makes its climb up to develop its best flavours.

Degassing varies depending on the coffee beans and roasts. It can take 3 to 14 days for freshly roasted coffee beans to degas. Darker roasts usually take lesser time, while lighter roasts take more time to degas. Certain types of beans (mostly highly-priced and exotic) can take up to 2 weeks to degas for the flavours to peak.


The good news is, at Bean Rock Coffee, we plan our roasts and deliveries so that your coffee is ready or almost ready for your enjoyment when it reaches you. To enjoy your coffee at its peak flavour, we highly recommend brewing at the following schedule:


  • Espresso roast coffees (Nostalgia, Joy, Power, Zen): Brew at 3 days from roast date. E.g., roasted on 1 Jul 2021 = brew from 4 Jul 2021


  • Filter roast coffees (Romance, Luxury, Refresh): Brew at 5 days from roast date. E.g., roasted on 1 Jul 2021 = brew from 6 Jul 2021


Good quality coffee beans don’t really “go bad,” which is why you don’t see an expiration date on our bags.


Although it can actually take years for them to go stale, their freshness and aroma do fade over time. Thus, we strongly recommend consuming the coffee within 45 days after it is roasted (stamped on every one of our coffee bags).

The best way to determine if your coffee is fresh or good, is to follow your senses. If you no longer enjoy the aroma and taste of the coffee, it’s safe to say that it’s time for a new bag.


If your coffee smells rancid or musty, or if you see mold or any other unusual visual changes, discard the coffee immediately.

Oxygen, moisture, heat and light are the enemies of coffee. The best way to store and keep your coffee as fresh as possible, is to keep it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and sealed tightly in the original coffee bag or an airtight container.


Also, if you want to keep your coffee beans fresh for longer, we would recommend you to leave the beans whole and grind them only when you are ready to brew.

We DO NOT recommend keeping your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer for daily use. This is because moisture will condense on the coffee when they are taken out from the fridge, and the whole bag will be wasted.


This is especially important in regions with humid tropical climate such as Singapore and Malaysia, where condensation takes place in seconds once anything is taken out from the fridge.

Coffee Subscription and Order

If you forgot your password, you may wish to reset it at the account login page. You will receive a password reset link at your registered email with us (check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox after a few minutes).


If you experience any issues while trying to reset your password, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Becoming a Bean Rock Coffee subscriber allows you to satisfy your coffee cravings at the comfort of your home. You can easily tailor your subscription to meet your coffee needs in 3 steps:


Step 1: Select coffee

Life is all about choices and experiences. That’s even more so with coffee! At Bean Rock Coffee, you can subscribe to our coffee according to 3 types of preparations: Whole Bean, Grounds, Coffee Bags.

At the same time, you’ll get to choose your coffee flavours under 2 types of roasts:


a. Filter roast

For connoisseurs of filter coffee. These filter roast coffees taste sweet and honey-like with more acidity. Just imagine snorkelling in clear blue waters, sniffing flowers and munching juicy fruits on a white sand beach.


b. Espresso roast

For lovers of espresso, long black, lattes, cappuccinos and all milk-based coffee. These espresso roast coffees taste more chocolatey and ‘roasty’, less acidic with heavier body, and cut through milk to give you that ‘OOMPH’ feeling.


From time to time, we also offer seasonal and exotic coffees to spice up your coffee experience. Grown in unique microlots which harvest in limited quantities at specific times, these special coffees are usually rare. Availability depends on a variety of weather conditions.  As such, these special coffees are only available as non-subscription orders, and they are usually sold out faster than being grown!


Step 2: Select amount

You can subscribe to one coffee flavour each time at the following quantity options:


  • Whole Bean: 1 x 250g  |  2 x 250g  |  1kg
  • Grounds: 1 x 250g  |  2 x 250g
  • Coffee Bags: 12g x 10pcs (1 bag)  |  12g x 10pcs (2 bags)

Because oxidation occurs once you open the bag, packing your coffee in reasonable quantity will help ensure you’ll always have new fresh coffee.


Step 3: Select frequency

Choose how frequently you would like to receive your coffee; whether it's every one, two, three, or four weeks, we’ll ensure that it is roasted to your order and shipped out within 48 hours from roasting.

Yes, certainly! You may change the dosage and schedule at any time, before your order is confirmed via payment.


Increase or decrease the dosage, schedule the delivery to every one, two, three, or four weeks, you can do all these easily through your account dashboard.

Yes, absolutely! You may change your current coffee subscription at any time, before your order is confirmed via payment. 

We currently roast to order on Sunday. So, the cut-off time for any changes is 3.00 am on the day of roasting, i.e., Sunday 3.00 am.

No problem! You can click on “Pause Subscription” under “My Subscription” section of your account.


Similarly, when you are ready to resume, just head back to “My Subscription”  section and click on “Resume Subscription”.

We would be sad to see you go. If there is anything we can do better, don’t hesitate to drop us a note at [email protected] or talk to us through our live chat on this website. We’d love to understand if there is any way we can improve your experience with us.


If you only wish to pause your subscription and resume when you feel like it, all you need to do is click the “Pause Subscription” button under the Subscription section of your account. When you are ready to resume, just head back to the Subscription section and click on “Resume Subscription”.


However, if you wish to cancel your subscription, you can click the “Cancel” button under “My Subscription” section of your account.

We will bill your subscription at 3.00 am on the day your coffee is scheduled to roast, i.e., Sunday 3.00 am.


You can also check your upcoming bill and shipping dates under "My Subscription" section of your account.

Yes, you can. We understand the effort needed to stay on top of your emails, therefore we respect your time enough not to flood your mailbox with messages that you do not wish to receive.


With the exception of transactional emails, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter and marketing emails by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the emails that you received.

Payment and Shipping

We deliver Bean Rock Coffee products to only Singapore and Malaysia currently. However, we are doing our best to bring our coffee to more coffee lovers around the world.


If you are located in another region of the planet and wish to enjoy Bean Rock Coffee, do not hesitate to drop us a note at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you with it.

We accept payment by Credit/ Debit Card. All transactions made at Bean Rock Coffee are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Yes, surely! We will send a confirmation of order to the email address that you have specified during checkout.


At the same time, if you have registered an account with us during checkout, you can access your invoices for any of your order anytime through your account dashboard.


For subscription orders:


We will deliver 1kg whole bean coffee subscription only via FREE Express Courier Delivery. Otherwise, all of our coffee subscriptions are eligible for FREE shipping via SingPost Basic Delivery. You can also top-up SGD 3 for Express Courier Delivery. If you're interested, you can sign up for a subscription.


For non-subscription orders, our shipping charges are as follows:


  • Flat Express Courier Delivery rate of SGD 4 per order
  • Free Express Courier Delivery with minimum spend of SGD 45

All deliveries will have a tracking number, except for SingPost Basic Delivery.



Our shipping charges for all orders are as follows:


  • Flat Courier Delivery rate of SGD 6 per order
  • Free Courier Delivery with minimum spend of SGD 45

All deliveries will have a tracking number.


For coffee subscription orders, you can choose to ship with either SingPost Basic Delivery or Express Courier Delivery.


For non-subscription orders, Express Courier Delivery is the only option currently.


SingPost Basic Delivery has an estimated shipping time of 3-5 working days. Your coffee will be sent directly to your mailbox. So, you’ll just have to check your mailbox for your delivery.


For Express Courier Delivery, the delivery is trackable and your coffee will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 working days from collection (excluding Sun & PH).




We will ship all your orders by Courier Delivery. The delivery is trackable and your coffee will be delivered to your doorstep. Delivery time varies according to the following regions:


  • West Malaysia: 3-6 working days*
  • East Malaysia: 5-11 working days*

* In light of the current COVID-19 situation, delivery times may be longer than usual.

For coffee subscription orders, we will get your coffee ready for shipping within 48 hours from roasting once we receive your payment.


For non-subscription orders, we will get your items ready for shipping within 1- 3 days once we receive your order and payment.

We are unable to delay the shipment of a non-subscription coffee or product order.


However, for Bean Rock Coffee subscription, you can pause and set it to automatically resume on a specific date.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and logistic disruptions, we understand our friends at delivery centres have been trying their very best to deliver your coffee as fast as they can.


However, if you don’t receive your coffee within 7 working days (for Singapore delivery), or 11 working days (for Malaysia delivery) from the order dispatch date, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Roast: Espresso Roast; Light | Medium Dark
Region: Colombia | El Salvador
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra | Red Bourbon


About This Coffee

In the regions where Colombian and Salvadoran coffee farmers reside, there’s a backdrop of historical turbulence and political instability. Yet, amidst it all, life persists, fueled by coffee. Just as the name of this blend suggests – Zen.


Tailored to complement any espresso-based drink, Zen coffee blend is crafted with balanced acidity and body, ensuring a harmonious cup. It’s simple and straightforward, offering a classic and unpretentious coffee experience that helps you stay calm and carry on, no matter what life throws your way.


Roast: Espresso Roast; Medium | Medium Dark
Region: Brazil | El Salvador
Processing: Natural | Washed
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon | Red Bourbon


About This Coffee

This coffee blend is like a symphony of control and freedom dancing on your taste buds. Get ready to experience the delightful fusion of honey and nutty flavors, with a creamy mouthfeel that’s simply irresistible.


For an extra kick, pair it with milk and let the magic unfold!


But hey, before you do anything, take a moment to sniff and taste the wonderful brew in your cup!


Roast: Espresso Roast; Medium Dark
Region: El Salvador, El Borbollon
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1400 – 1500 MASL


About This Coffee

Renowned for its dedication to sustainable farming, this farm in El Borbollon prioritises environmental stewardship and the well-being of its workers. Give it a try and you’ll walk away with a smile on your face and a spring in your step!


Roast: Filter Roast; Medium Light | Medium
Region: Rwanda | Brazil
Processing: Washed | Natural
Varietal: Bourbon | Yellow Bourbon


About This Coffee

Are you in the mood for a coffee that’s both nutty and floral, yet still packs a rich, full-bodied punch?


Our blend of sweet Rwanda and robust Brazil coffee is just what you need!


This special combination brings out the best of both worlds, giving Rwanda’s light body a creamy, rounded texture. It’s the perfect brew to cosy up with, especially when paired with some tropical music!


Roast: Filter Roast; Light
Region: Tablón de Gómez
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra
Elevation: 1800 – 2100 MASL


About This Coffee

This coffee is produced by 20 smallholders from Tablón de Gómez, Nariño. Located on the border with Ecuador, Nariño has a history of FARC activity which has caused instability. However, it is in this region that some of the most exceptional coffees in Colombia are grown. Only lots scoring 85+ compose this coffee.


Roast: Espresso Roast; Light | Medium
Region: Colombia | Brazil
Processing: Washed | Natural
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra | Yellow Bourbon

About This Coffee

This coffee blend is a heartwarming fusion of Brazil’s fertile land and Colombia’s adventurous terrain.


It captures the nostalgic essence of chocolatey, sweet, and creamy flavours, wrapping you in a cosy embrace with each sip. Its comforting taste evokes memories of lazy afternoons, inviting you to sink into the couch, perhaps with a movie marathon or simply to savour the moment.


Perfect for both pour over and espresso, Nostalgia is your go-to for indulgent, cosy moments.


Roast: Filter Roast; Medium Light
Region: Rwanda, Gitega Hills Lot 140
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon
Elevation: 1500 – 2200 MASL


About This Coffee

Located in east-central Africa, Rwanda is warmly known as “the land of a thousand hills.” About half a million smallholder farmers grow coffee here, each owning around 180 coffee trees.


The Gitega Hills Washing Station, established in 2016 on 6 hectares of land, hires locals and helps create jobs in the area. Lot 140 is a microlot carefully selected and meticulously processed to ensure consistency and exceptional quality.

Filter roast

Light and flavourful. For the connoisseur of sweet hand brew.

Espresso roast

Chocolatey and roasty. Perfect for espresso, long black and coffee with milk!