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Based on 22 reviews
Fantastic idea,

rather than keeping stock of large quantity of fresh coffee, which loses flavours over time. And I don’t have to risk running out of fresh coffee supply too!

Yay! Glad you’re enjoying our coffee and subscription service. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We’re always here to help with satisfying your coffee needs.

Filter Set
Perfect coffee pack for travelling

I brew my coffee with a French press and prefer medium and light roasts. I am not a coffee aficionado, but I think the filter set at Bean Rock offered a perfect solution with the 3 x 100g (+ 50g) pack for travel. All 3 roasts are pleasant and enjoyable to drink although it will be a challenge for me to distinguish the coffee notes.

Hey Gumby! Really happy to know you’re enjoying our filter coffee set! And no worries about discerning the coffee notes – they’re just some interesting taste references and nothing to fret about. Enjoy your trip with fresh awesome coffee, cheers!

coffee that smells and tastes great

I first bought the coffee bags from Shopee and was pleased by the quality of the coffee. I can already smell the strong coffee aroma when I take out the bag from the pack. I have tried quite a few brands so far and this is the one that impressed me the most. I switched to subscription from the site as the Shopee pack only comes in pack of 6 which is insufficient.

Thanks for the awesome review, Zack! We’re so happy you loved your coffee bag experience and are also grateful that you switched to our Coffee Subscription. Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a wonderful review for us and we look forward to sending out your next coffee roast soon! ☕

Coffee Subscription
tan gee choo
janet tan gee choo review

just got my 250gm nostalgia and have not used it yet. But I kind of enjoyed the $6 nostalgia coffee packet. I am using french press - is there a demo for taking out foam and floating crust using 2 tablespoons (it’s easier than using 1 tablespoon). I cannot do it properly. Hope you can help. Thanks.

Hey Janet! We’re glad you’re enjoying Nostalgia! Yes, we’ve just uploaded a reel on our IG & FB, showing how to brew awesome French Press Coffee and scoop up the crust easily. Check it out and have fun!

Karen Chong
Worth a try

The lovely aroma of the beans seeping through the bag makes me want to drink it everyday. Texture: light and silky; Palate: black tea, dark fruits, slightly earthy flavour

Karen, thank you for the great review! The degassing process gives off amazing fragrance that is really hard to resist. And we’re so happy you loved Romance and the coffee experience. We look forward to sending you fresh coffee again soon!

My go to Coffee

Been drinking for a few months now and the consistency for the coffee is great ! Tasted “power and nostalgia” beans ! So far is satisfy my craving for coffee ! Top of my list !
Brew with Areopress and have tried V60 !

Hey Q T, thanks so much for your support! Glad that we made it to the top of your list and satisfied your coffee craving. Keep rocking!

Khoo Liew Sii Weu
Best Of Refreshing Strong Flavours For Filter Coffee Bean!

One of the best made refreshly blend coffee bean aroma flavours for my lovely inspired of full bodied with mouthfuls!

Thank you for the wonderful review! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our Refresh blend. It brews really well with the Hario V60. For further savings, remember to check out our Coffee Subscription too!

Hario V60 (02) Coffee Dripper & Hario Paper Filter (02)

The best of high quality and good design Japan brand coffee maker products for all years with the affordable prices of variety choice. Highly recommended with this classic Hario V60 coffee dripper and the original filter paper product even use for those beginner and professional or enthusiast.

Hey Khoo, we are so happy that you have picked the Hario V60 brewer. We hope you love it as much as we do. Looking forward to hear about your brewing experience with the V60. Until then, we’re here if you need anything. Happy brewing!

Fresh Good Coffee, Everyday

With Bean Rock Coffee’s subscription, I do not have to worry running out of good fresh coffee anymore. If I had guests coming and I had to serve extra cups, I can bring forward the next round roast earlier. This is fantastic. Oh, did I mention that Bean Rock has one of the best coffee roast in town?

Hey J., many thanks for loving our coffee! And we're glad that our coffee subscription helps you in planning your coffee needs. It means a lot to us because whatever we do here, we always keep freshness and sustainability in mind. This way, we can all enjoy good coffee whenever we want to. ❤

Above average, but priced a little higher than comparable offerings from elsewhere

The coffee itself is good, but it's slightly more expensive than other places that offer similar quality coffee. Also, one of the bags I received had a problem with the zipper on the packaging and I wasn't able to close the bag after opening. The other bags did not have this problem.

We’re glad you enjoyed the coffee!

Our coffees are of high quality, and they are optimally roasted for either hand brew or espresso machine. Also, we roast to order so we can deliver the freshest coffee possible to you. The coffee fragrance is the best testament of our efforts. Sign up for our coffee subscription so that you can enjoy greater savings!

We're really sorry that the zipper for one of the bags is faulty. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better in the future. Please feel free to reach out to us with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. Meanwhile, you may wish to place your coffee in an airtight container or reuse an empty & clean coffee bag to keep your coffee beans fresh.

Chwee Pin
Smooth Romance!

Aromatic, fresh, non-acidic, smooth, carefully roasted beans with notes of my favourite lychee, and a combination of oolong tea and blackcurrant. It is difficult not to sip this cuppa first thing in the morning. Give it a try and you will be glad you did.

Awesome! We're glad you enjoyed a smooth Romance. 😉 It's truly a coffee that touches the soul.

Gui Zhong Foo
The Drink to Start my Day With!

Tried a few other brands of coffee beans before I gave Bean Rock Coffee's Nostalgia a try. It is by far my favourite! You can quickly tell that it is of good quality when you open the packaging, the aroma is amazing! It has a distinct taste - strong but not too overwhelming. I like to drink it as cappuccino, very smooth and creamy!

Thanks so much for the encouraging words! We're glad that you love Nostalgia, it is our favourite morning coffee too! We'll be sharing more about food-pairing with our coffees in FB and IG. Stay tuned!

Power is my favorite!

Thank you for the freshly roasted coffee beans, and tuning the grinder to finer power makes Power with a stronger kick! Loving it. 🙂

Glad the tuning helped! And thank you for taking the time to leave us a Power review!

Yvonne Lau
Every coffee lover must try!

Ruby kindly showed me how to make a cup of coffee and patiently explained the ratio of the weight of the beans to hot water. As she opened the bag of coffee and poured the water onto the beans, my entire kitchen was filled with the aroma of coffee and it felt like I was in some atas cafe. The taste of the coffee was fantastic: mild with no bitter aftertaste, and notes of caramel lingered in my mouth after each sip. Following Ruby’s earlier instructions, I made another cup of the coffee for my coffee lover friend and he too said that it’s a good cup of coffee!

Hey Yvonne, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. It's lovely to hear that you enjoyed Nostalgia with your friend!

Erliana Lo

This new flavor has a bitter after taste

Thank you Erliana for the honesty! I am sorry that we were just average. There is a variety of factors that could have made Power leave a bitter aftertaste, such as the grind size, brewing method and coffee:water ratio. We would love to hear more about your experience, so that we can use your valuable feedback to deliver an even better experience next time. Please reach out to [email protected] with any further comments or suggestions you wish to share. Again, thank you for taking the time to review our business!

Love the packaging and aroma

When I first received this package I was amazed by how aromatic the coffee is. I'm not a regular coffee drinker but this has made me appreciate coffee more. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words, YL. We are so glad our coffee has helped you appreciate coffee more. As always, if you have any coffee questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We hope to see you again soon!

Filter Set
Tay L
Nice coffee aroma!

I ordered the filter set to try out all the flavours. My favourite is the Luxury. It has a slight honey after taste which makes the coffee very special.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your coffee experience! We’re glad you enjoyed Luxury. And we love how you brew our coffee with the Siphon, really luxurious!

J. Zeng
Simply Good Coffee

I managed to get hold of this blend a while ago and simply put it, it is good coffee! Nostalgia is very smooth because it is 100% arabica blend. It is not too acidic and works very well with French press brew. The aroma it makes in my kitchen is astonishing. My kids will know from the living room whenever I start to grind those beans. It has a nice nutty profile which makes it a great all-rounder coffee beans. It definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Woohoo J.Zeng, we were blown away by your positive words, we really appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review!
Indeed, Nostalgia was crafted to evoke cosy, and homely pleasant memories. And it's really heartening to know that your little ones also enjoyed the coffee fragrance. Lovely!

Smell good taste good!

I could already smell the fragrance of the beans when I was opening up the parcel. Initially I was a little worried because I had tried other coffee brands with nuts/fruits fragrance but they were overpowering and not as good as expected when brewed. However my concern was unnecessary as Bean Rock coffee did not disappoint me at all! Smells good and taste even better! Very happy with my purchase!

Wow, Angel Thank you! That was a very kind review. We are so glad you enjoyed our coffee! If you are doing pour over regularly, do check out our Filter Roast series. Our Filter Roast coffee beans are roasted specially for hand brewing with gears such as drip filter and french press. Feel free to drop us a line anytime at [email protected] if you need any coffee help!

Key to a good start of the day!

I like Zen with my French Press. It's really delicious and the aroma is heavenly! I grind the coffee beans and keep them covered before going to sleep. And the next morning, the berry and chocolate flavours just burst out and fill my whole house when I start brewing. Super enjoy and definitely gives me a good start of the day in the morning.

The key is flavour. So talk to them if you are not sure which flavour to get!

Hey Whx, we can’t thank you enough for the kind words about Zen and Bean Rock Coffee. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track!

And indeed, the key lies in the flavours! Don't hesitate to talk to us anytime if you are unsure which coffee beans to get, or how to brew for the best taste.

See you around!

Love the Refreshing Flavours!

Fell in love with this refreshing coffee bean at first sip. The rest is history… i also tried Romance, but its body is too light for my liking. Refresh has just the right balance of flavour and body for me.

Thank you so much for your love, Dora. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your coffee experience with us — and you are right, Refresh has a heavier body than Romance, thanks to the creamy Brazil beans.

M. S. Chow
Fresh & Delicious Coffee Beans!

Being a pour over coffee lover, I ordered Romance - the signature coffee beans. It's bursting with interesting fruity notes. It leaves a Oolong Tea aftertaste at the back of your nose. Just complex!

I'm so happy to find this new online specialty coffee shop in town, and looking forward to try their series!

Hey M.S., we'd like to thank you for taking time to write this review of Bean Rock Coffee.

We’re a small, local startup here at Bean Rock Coffee and every bit of feedback like this does so much to help us out! We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come! Thanks again!

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Roast: Espresso Roast
Region: Guatemala & Colombia
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Typica
Elevation: 1400 – 2100 MASL


About This Coffee

Farmers of the Guatemala coffee were a group of vegetables growers, planting garlic, onion, potatoes and tomatoes, before they started growing coffee. On the other hand, farmers of the Colombia coffee reside in a region with a turbulent history of political instability. No matter the circumstances, life goes on, with coffee. Just like the name of this coffee blend – Zen.


Versatile for anything espresso-based, Zen coffee blend is curated with balanced acidity and body in mind, to give a harmonious cup. Nothing fanciful, nothing superfluous. In other words, it’s a classic and modest coffee that helps you keep calm, and carry on.


Roast: Espresso Roast
Region: Brazil, Sul de Minas
Processing: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Elevation: 1000 – 1300 MASL


About This Coffee

This specialty coffee from Sul de Minas is produced by Periera’s generational coffee families. The fertile soil, high elevation and mild temperature make Sul de Minas the perfect environment for Arabica coffee plants to thrive and flower.


However, with climate change taking a toll, the share of land suited for growing coffee in the Minas Gerais region could potentially decline from 75% to 20%. As such, this regional selection was carefully chosen based on two crucial factors: The unique flavour profile, as well as the producers’ commitment to insuring the region’s future ecological harmony and sustainable livelihoods.


Roast: Espresso Roast
Region: Guatemala, San Marcos Huista, Jacaltenango, Heuhuetenango
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
Elevation: 1400 – 1700 MASL


About This Coffee

The farmers of this SHB (strictly hard bean) coffee used to grow vegetables, plant garlic, onion, potatoes and tomatoes for a living. However, under the leadership of Mr. Marcos Mateo Perez and help from the El Porvenir cooperative, they began with the cultivation of coffee and honey, with coffee now being their first source of income.


Roast: Filter Roast
Region: Ethiopia & Brazil
Processing: Fully Washed / Natural
Varietal: Heirloom & Yellow Bourbon
Elevation: 1000 – 1900 MASL


About This Coffee

Fancy some nutty and fruity coffee? But also want a coffee with heavier body? Then the combination of complex Ethiopia and rich Brazil coffee makes a perfect cup for you! This refreshing blend is specially curated to give the light-body Ethiopia a creamier and rounder body. We think this balance cup is perfect for an immersion or filter brew, and some Parisian accordion music!


Roast: Filter Roast
Region: Tablón de Gómez
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra
Elevation: 1800 – 2100 MASL


About This Coffee

This coffee is produced by 20 smallholders from Tablón de Gómez, Nariño. Located on the border with Ecuador, Nariño has a history of FARC activity which has caused instability. However, it is in this region that some of the most exceptional coffees in Colombia are grown. Only lots scoring 85+ compose this coffee.


Roast: Espresso Roast
Region: Brazil & Colombia
Processing: Natural/ Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Yellow Bourbon
Elevation: 1000 – 2100 MASL


About This Coffee

This coffee is a blend from the fertile land of Brazil and the treacherous region of Colombia. It is specially curated to highlight the chocolatey, sweet and creamy flavours, which give you a pleasant and smooth mouthfeel. Above all, the taste is so comforting and luxurious that you’ll just want to lie on the couch, do nothing else but reminisce with a marathon of movies.


We think this coffee is best for espresso, milk-based coffee, and a lazy Netflix weekend!


Roast: Filter Roast
Region: Ethiopia, Sidama Mamo Kacha
Processing: Fully Washed
Varietal: Heirloom
Elevation: 1600 – 1900 MASL


About This Coffee

Located in the south of Ethiopia, Sidama is a region well-known for its ideal climate conditions to grow coffee. High altitude, ample rainfall, optimal temperature and rich soil contributed to the complex flavours found in this coffee. The ideal balance between acidity and body made this a famous and highly sought-after coffee by coffee connoisseurs.

Filter roast

Light and flavourful. For the connoisseur of sweet hand brew.

Espresso roast

Chocolatey and roasty. Perfect for espresso, long black and coffee with milk!